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Little foxes …

” It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

DiY Confetti gift







Playing with confetti always makes me happy. This is a great idea to surprise someone with something small.Also can be used as a little thank you at a party or a wedding. I even use it to make a cloudy day fun at home. 

What you need:

 a few sheet of tissue paper
scissors or paper punch
confetti holder

# step 1:

Fold the tissue paper a few times, then cut out little circles. If you have a paper punch you can do the same.
Fold it as many times that the paper punch can handle and the start punching.

 # step 2:

Fill the confetti holder with confetti until it is full. Close it.
Now you are ready the use it yourself or give it to brighten someone’s day. Enjoy and have fun.



Watercolour fun


Now and then I like to play with watercolour and some nice sayings.  You can make your own also.

What you need:

Watercolour paint
Paint brush
Bowl of water
Paper with your favourite quote printed on it
[free download at the bottom]

Go and have be creative and have fun!




click on link above to download

DiY cloud pillow

I enjoy looking at the every changing clouds up in the sky. Simple sweet art in the sky for everyone to see.
Look below is the steps to make some cloud pillows for yourself …







 ** What you need:

cloud shape cut out of fabric
pillow filling
sewing machine


# step 1:

Fold the fabric double. Pin the cloud shape to the fabric and cut out. Cut an extra seam of about 1 cm.



# step 2:

Before you start stitching make sure that the right side of the fabric is inside. Stitch all around, about 1 cm seam. Leave a opening of about 5 cm at the bottom.

# step 3:

Turn the cloud inside out. Fill the pillow with cloud pillow. Make sure to squeeze the filling into all the curves and corners. When you are happy with your pillow thickness, stitch the opening closed with thread and needle. Voila!

* Enjoy your little cloud pillow or go make someone’s day with a little surprise.

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